Pillsbury Bloggers in the News: Looking Back at 2012 IT Outsourcing Predictions and Ahead at 2013 Predictions


In a look back at 2012, Bob Zahler commented in Stephanie Overby’s CIO.com article on grading 2012 IT Outsourcing Trend predictions.  On the prediction that global companies would seek global support beyond India, Bob says:


Dispersing the outsourcing portfolio among several geographies is now considered a best practice, whether to reduce geopolitical risk, access new skills or diversity operations. “India no longer is the low-cost location for certain types of services,” says Zahler of Pillsbury. “Almost every presentation from a global outsourcing service provider begins with a slide or two identifying their numerous offshore facilities located around the world and the substantial telecommunications network they have developed tying all these delivery centers together in some ‘seamless’ fashion.


Check out Bob’s other comments and the full CIO.com article grading their 2012 trend predictions here.

In a look forward, Aaron Oser was recently quoted in Stephanie Overby’s other recent CIO.com article, “9 IT Outsourcing Trends to Watch in 2013.”  One of the trends he suggests to look out for in 2013 is troubled transitions and their potential for disputes. He says, “Customers and suppliers will continue to close deals without fleshing out transition and transformation details and plans. Failed or delayed transitions and transformations will [become the] number one area of disputes between customers and suppliers.” 

Check out Aaron’s other comments on what to look out for next year and the full article in CIO.com here.