Meeting New OTC Swap Reconciliation Rules May Require Better Technology and Processes

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Although reconciliation of the key terms has been a best practice for over-the-counter derivative trades for some time (particularly with collateralised trades), the scale of the reconciliation exercise imposed by forthcoming regulations in the EU and U.S. has caused many market participants to undertake a fundamental review of the systems and processes in place. For many, compliance can only be achieved by utilising a third party for provision of an appropriate technology platform or an end-to-end service. With imminent compliance deadlines and the late development of the requirements themselves, functionality has understandably been the focus of any sourcing process. However, from a supply chain and outsourcing perspective, a key challenge remains the manner in which the financial services-specific regulations are applied to this type of third-party arrangement.

The New Legislation

With the 1 July deadline for compliance with CFTC Rule 23.502 looming and the equivalent EU legislation (in the form of the Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) No. 149/2013) due to come into force on 15 September, OTC market participants are bracing themselves for major changes to the way they perform portfolio reconciliation in relation to non-cleared trades. In fact, it is looking increasingly likely that the deadline will have to be extended by around three months, to allow further time for compliance by the affected institutions.

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