Pillsbury Bloggers in the News: 9 Tips for How to Use Operating Level Agreements in MultiSourcing


In Stephanie Overby’s recent CIO.com article, 9 Tips for How to Use Operating Level Agreements in MultiSourcing, Bob Zahler was quoted on his perspective on the importance and appropriate use of OLAs in multi-sourced environments.

He says:

It has become more and more important for the ultimate customer to know that the relationships and interactions among these multiple parties are well-known, documented in clear and precise language, and reflected in binding agreements that can be enforced-if necessary-by the customer.

Bob suggests the customers should address OLAs before the RFP:

Customers often fall into the process by first executing multiple outsourcing contracts, and only then recognizing that they need to coordinate and integrate activities across these various outsourcing contracts,” says Zahler. “OLAs should not be used after-the-fact to document relationships that have just developed over time. Rather, OLAs should provide the roadmap for how those relationships should be established in the first instance

Check out Bob’s other comments the full CIO.com article here.